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Even the best jewelry needs to be repaired, restyled or resized. Sometimes it is a broken clasp or busted earring. Other times it might be your favorite bracelet that got run over by a car, a belt buckle missing a stone, or a watch band that is just too big. We can even cut off a ring that got too tight and repair it so it fits you again! We also repair and restore Antique, Vintage, & Native American Jewelry! If we have to replace any stones in the piece, we seek out stones that were cut in the same era to insure the integrity of all our fine vintage jewelry. DO NOT junk an old wonderful piece! Let us restore it to its original beauty... To Send us your Native American Jewelry for repair, Click Here! Regardless of the extent of the damage or repair needed, we can fix it. Even if you have something old you just want to look new again, we can do it! Here is a partial list of things we can do in gold, silver and platinum. And with our new laser welder in Colorado Springs, many repairs can be done WHILE YOU WAIT!

Repair Rings:

•Size rings •Replace missing stones and inlay •Reset diamonds •Refurbish old jewelry •Fix broken prongs •Widen or replace the shank •Solder wedding and engagement bands together and more

Repair Necklaces:

•Restyle outdated pieces •Change the clasp •Repair broken chains •Restring pearls & beads and more

Jewelry Restoration:

Native America Indian, Zuni, Navajo, Hopi, Santa Domingo, Santa Clare, and more •Vintage •Antique •Inlay Repair •New Turquoise •Restring Squash Blossoms •Old Pawn Repair •Stone Setting •Stone Replacement Diamond, Turquoise,Coral,Opal, Onyx, Sapphire and more •Silver, Gold and Platinum

Repair Earrings:

•Convert clip earrings to posts •Convert post earrings to clips •Replace missing stones •Repair broken posts and more

Repair Bracelets:

•Replace missing inlay •Repair broken clasps •Add safety chain •Strengthen, Repair and more If you have broken jewelry, fix it!

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